Building God's Way Partnership

Providing a faith based approach to construction in South Dakota, Mark Luke Construction is the only regional builder for Building God's Way. Contact Mark Luke Construction for a radical new approach to church design and construction that reduces costs, limits waste and
prevents delays.

Building God's Way

An illuminating new approach to church design and construction.

In conjunction with Daniel Cook and Associates, we are taking a departure from the traditional construction methods and saving religious ministries millions of dollars.  Our program incorporates the elements of Vision, Faith, Prayer, Stewardship and a mission based approach to project development. We are confident we can help your ministry save money and further its mission.  Contact us to find out how your church can save 20 - 30% on its next project.

Our process focuses on lowering both up-front costs and long-term operation and maintenance costs
on each ministry facility. Mark Luke Construction is the only Building God's Way builder in all of South Dakota, so call us today!

"If the Lord is not helping the builders, then the building of a house is to no purpose" - Psalm 127:1


Southern Hills United Methodist Church

The addition in southeastern Sioux Falls is the first in the state to be done with the principles of a national program known as Building God's Way. Modeled after the biblical Nehemiah, who needed only 52 days to rebuild Jerusalem's walls, the program focuses on ministry during the building process.

Mark Luke is the regional builder for Building God's Way in South Dakota and part of Minnesota.